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discover the difference nature makes
never any parabens or harmful synthetics
100% Sustainability
never tested on animals

As a child, I remember my mother and father cooking and creating the best meals, homemade remedies, and toys from our natural environment. My mother and father would customize each item or selections from a meal to ensure that our individual preferences were acknowledged. It is with this same concept that I bring Custom Blends by Nine Bath and Body Products to you. One size fits all bath and body products don't meet your unique skin care needs. I take the time to research the best natural products for skin care to meet a variety of skin care needs. Each order is prepared with you in mind, using the same care and love my mother and father used when preparing homemade remedies for me and my siblings. When I look at my hands, I am reminded of my mother because my hands truly resemble hers. I hope our products, blended with my hands, bring new energy and comfort into your lives.


Only the finest FDA approved butters and Oils

Our products contain the finest skin safe cosmetic and food grade FDA approved oils such as grape seed oil,  apricot oil,  avocado oil,  olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil,  and sunflower  oil. We also use FDA approved and certified organic raw butters like African Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Mango Butter, and Cupuacu butter in our products. 


Scents, fragrances, & aromatherapy 

Our products are available in their natural scents, but we offer a variety of  skin safe cosmetic grade scented oils, fragrances, and essential oils to give you your unique experience. Our Aromatherapy Collection contains essential oils. Essential oils are commonly used for therapeutic benefits and to relieve several common respiratory conditions,  joint pain, muscle aches, and skin conditions like Eczema.



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