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About the Founder of Nine Bath and Body Products, LLC

Ruby Jeanine Batiste is a Texas native, who is a wife and mother. She has over twenty years of experience as a professional public school educator.  She  has now taken her same passion and commitment for educating and empowering children to starting her signature natural skin care line.  Her passion in natural skin care was divinely inspired after a series of life changing events and when she searched for all natural skin care products to help with her sensitive and dry skin.  Her search led her to start making her own products with FDA approved all natural ingredients. As she shared her products with friends and family, the request for more started increasing.

A Message from the Founder

Custom Blends by Nine ("Now Inviting New Energy") Bath and Body Products were custom designed to meet the unique skin care needs of my family and myself.  Before I started making and blending my own products, I frequented several retailers that I considered to be affordable, for the quality of products I was looking for. I stumbled across a few great products, but none  met the unique combinations I desired. I have very sensitive, dry, and eczema prone skin, but I still enjoy fragrances. The challenge for me, was to find premium quality products that softened and moisturized my skin while providing fragrances. Custom Blends by Nine ("Now Inviting New Energy") is the product I was searching for! I truly enjoy the benefits of natural skin care products and the new energy I have after using my products. I hope you enjoy the benefits of Custom Blends by Nine ("Now Inviting New Energy") too! We look  forward to customizing our products to give you an unique blend, so you too can meet your unique skin care needs.


Thank you and Enjoy,

Ruby Jeanine Batiste




from a dream to reality...

Ruby Jeanine Batiste
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