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Our Renew Collection consists of five customer-favorite body care products, conveniently bundled to give you the ultimate at-home pampering experience. Each product is formulated to renew your mind, body, and spirit by engaging your senses and nourishing your skin.


We have made the shopping process simple and convenient. Simply select any one of our twenty plus great smelling fragrances, then add this collection to your cart today! The following products are included in the Renew Collection.


Step 1: Body Polish (8 ounces) exfoliating sugar scrub to be used during your shower to gently remove dead skin cells.


Step 2: Shower Gel (4 ounces) to be used to remove the body polish exfoliating sugar scrub and gently cleanse your skin.


Step 3: Body Oil (4 ounces) to be used once you towel dry your skin after your shower.


Step 4: Creamy Body Oil (4 ounces) to be used after the application of the body oil to soften skin and lock in moisture.


Step 5: Body Mist (2 ounces) to provide long-lasting fragrance to your skin and hair.


*** Do not use if you have nut allergies***

  • Additional Details

    All products are packaged in plastic shatter-proof containers. 

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